About Us

What We Make

We specialize in flavourful, organic, whole grain bread, which is naturally leavened and nutritionally superior.

Our hand-shaped loaves feature a moist crumb and a thin, chewy crust that only wet doughs, natural leavens (‘sourdough’ starters), and a hot, wood-fired brick oven can create.

The Nutrition Process 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of adding whole grains to their diets.  What many don’t know, however, is that the nutrition stored in those whole grains are largely unavailable to us unless the phytic acids, which are present in virtually all grains, can be broken down prior to eating. 

Using a natural leaven, or a ‘sour’, as many have come to know it, and doughs that ferment over a long period of time at relatively low temperatures, allows our bodies to fully absorb the excellent food value present in whole grains. 

These dough qualities, when combined with a hot brick oven, allow us to create tasty and nutritious bread, without the need for added sugars, oils or fats.

Our Ingredients

Flours: We use top quality, whole-grain, organic flours from local Canadian sources.  See Brule Creek Farms under our Links tab!

Salt: The salt for our bread is fine sea salt

Yeast:  Our sourdough starter made from naturally occurring wild yeasts and our commercial yeast is the traditional active dry yeast.

Water:  We use pure, deep well water for making our bread